West coast surfer turned graphic designer David Carson wrote a book titled The End of Print, published in 1995. In terms of typography, his design techniques influenced me. Foreboding that from 1995 to 2010 the end of print was becoming more evident with the increasing use of computers and cell phones, emails and text messages.

Faxes, hand written or typed letters became emails, phone calls became abbreviated messages. During this transition I became interested in how and what people would communicate depending on the medium they would use. What would Marshall McLuhan say? or would he still be saying the same thing. Could he have predicted how language would reconstruct itself without vowels, and responses and reactions becoming acronyms?

My interest in this new language set its sights on a most recognizable text. One perhaps that would never truly be sent as text, but the majority would understand what is happening to our language and how we communicate as we bear witness to the death of print.

LRDS PRYR, (text message), silk screen on French Paper, 18 x 24, 2010

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